with the Entrepreneurial Operating System

As an Entrepreneur You Need This System!

It can be quite a struggle as an entrepreneur to manage growth whether your company has hit the ceiling and struggling to break through or growing quickly but out of control. That is where the Entrepreneurial Operating System® steps up to the plate. This complete system allows business owners to simplify operations, put accountability into place and establish a successful leadership team. It's for entrepreneurs that want greater profits and freedom from having to micro manage their team.

Never has there been a better business model designed explicitly for business leaders. It takes into account and strengthens the 6 key components of a successful business:


EOS® provides practical tools based on proven concepts that are easy to integrate into growing businesses. It helps business owners leverage accountability to make sure the proper tasks are being done every week and to ensure that teams don't get distracted. You can expect to see better results and more consistency with team members accountable for their actions, which are an overall part of shared company goals.

Issues can be solved faster since you'll be able to find the root cause of the problems. When this is accomplished permanent change can take place that allows a company to flourish.

John Fraser is a successful entrepreneur and a Professional EOS Implementer® He created a company that generated sales of more than $10M in under 5 years and understands the ins and outs involved with cultivating leadership teams that are able to perform and meet the highest standards. John can help your business build accountable and independent leaders that work together sharing a united front to make company visions turn into reality. This is done by using Entrepreneurial Operating System best practices that have been tested and proven in thousands of companies around the world.

To get started you can book a 90-minute free meeting with John that will change your life. During the meeting John will show all team members how EOS clarifies the company vision, helps them become laser focused and how too confidently execute as a team on a weekly, quarterly and annual basis never straying from company targets. As a result, innovative and exciting plans will be formed boosting the overall morale of everyone taking part.

After the meeting it will be time to introduce the EOS tools and implement them into your organization. Once this has been accomplished quarterly sessions will be set up for planning with continued support available between sessions. Best of all, you along with your team members will graduate from the implementation program with the system in place to keep yourselves accountable while meeting your own expectations. At this point the only reason to retain John to run your quarterly meetings is because you are enjoying the growth and find value in not running them yourselves.

Find out more about EOS! Schedule a free teaching session or phone consultation with John today!

Why John could be the perfect EOS
implementer® for your business?

Experience as an entrepreneur / visionary:

John founded a successful online retail and warehouse logistics company which he ran for 9 years. During its peak this company was the 2nd fastest growing retail company in Canada, had a revenue per employee ratio in excess of $1 million and multiple international locations including the US.

Experience as an integrator:

Prior to founding and running his own entrepreneurial company, John was a professional engineering project manager (Masters from Purdue University) managing large scale manufacturing projects in the automotive industry for multiple clients with over 8 years experience. John has been a member of EO Toronto since 2015 and has sat on the board as an EO Accelerator chair person responsible for providing entrepreneurial education content to young budding entrepreneurs and building coaching / accountability content to ensure their success growing their businesses. John has been a business coach for the past 5 years specializing in process implementation.

John’s style as an EOS implementer:

John brings a youthful light hearted yet energetic enthusiasm to implementation while showcasing his deep understanding of structure and process. Structure will set you free is a saying common in the EO community and John lives this mantra both professionally and personally. Not afraid to “go there”, John believes that true growth comes from going the extra mile, doing the extra rep, pushing through the pain points to achieve excellence.